Morningstar: A Consistent and Dependable Supplier of Off-grid Solar Charge Controllers & Inverters for 25 Years.


Morningstar Corporation is a world-leading supplier of solar charge controllers & inverters, with over 4 million units installed in over 100 countries. Morningstar’s products have been recognized in international solar markets as the most advanced and highest quality products available.

It is important to note that Morningstar is an employee-owned company. Our people are passionate and dedicated to the long-term success of photovoltaics and our earth’s sustainability. They are here to serve our customers for the long-term.

Many of our customers tell us that Morningstar is their best supplier. For 25 years, Morningstar has been a consistent and dependable partner: same ownership, same management and same strategy. We are 100% focused on our core competence: solar power electronics. [Read more about our Leadership Team].


Morningstar’s products have been recognized in international solar markets as the most advanced and highest-quality products available. Our products exceed all other PV controllers & inverters for protection against extreme environments, corrosion, lightning surges and harsh ambient operating temperatures (common to remote PV systems)—all while delivering more than twice the industry’s average operating life.

Our advanced PWM & MPPT solar charge controllers deliver extended battery capacity & life, lower overall system costs and maximum energy harvest. Our simple-to-use products & customer-focused support includes multi-lingual product documentation, detailed operation/installation manuals, phone & web-based tech support as well as a variety of user & installation friendly product features.


To build a sizable business by designing, marketing, and selling innovative products that provide reliable and clean power to all corners of the globe. We will continue to nurture a corporate culture that embraces personal growth, rewards creativity, and builds pride in our craft.


To continue to expand and maintain the stature of the Morningstar brand by delivering new and exciting solutions for the renewable energy market through strong work ethic, superior design, integrity in our business practices, and forthrightness with our employees, shareholders, and customers alike. Our focus is quality and time to market.

Strategy – Execution

Over the next several years, Morningstar will complete its off-grid portfolio with a full line of charge controllers and inverters. For the grid-tie market, we will develop new products that provide back-up functionality. Additionally, we will continue to develop accessories, balance-of-system integration, and services that complement our product lines and enhance usability and convenience for our customers.

Distribution Channels

Supporting our global distribution customer network has been our #1 priority for 25 years.  Morningstar’s products are marketed through 231 highly qualified distributors in 90 countries. Our authorized distributors are typically the leading solar distributors in their respective country. (We do not sell directly to dealers or end users; instead, we direct all resellers, dealers and end users to our distributor partners).  Our authorized distributors are a vital part of the Morningstar marketing team and have become our long-term business partners.