Live Webinars

  • Calculating solar strings? Do the webinar instead of doing the math!

    Why do things the old-fashioned way when we’ve done the homework for you? Especially if you have more productive things to do with your time than calculating off-grid solar string sizes for off-grid systems.  Instead, invest an hour in Morningstar’s webinar and learn to:

    • Figure out the optimum string sizing for your system—series, parallel configurations, load requirements, etc.
    • Find specifications for over 100,000 module brand SKU’s
    • Input custom module specifications
    • Access detailed power output results to find out how your module configuration will work with other components in your system
    • Learn the module configurations to avoid, because they could cause operational faults or even damage your charge controller.
    • Save and share output results with others
  • Get ready for the surge in mission-critical energy storage now, with MK-Deka and Morningstar

    Now more than ever, energy storage is essential to critical infrastructure sectors of the global economy. Join two industry leaders and learn how to meet the coming demand of energy storage. MK-Deka’s range of energy storage applications spans far beyond residential: security, mobility, UPS, telecom, transportation, CATV/broadband, bio-medical, and any application where reliable electricity matters. Advanced American technology combined with the most advanced computer-aided design and manufacturing techniques are what make MK Battery the standard by which all others are measured. Join MK-Deka with Morningstar, the leader in solar charging technology, to learn about the benefits of integrating legendary MK-Deka quality with Morningstar charging excellence into your next project.

    Together, a panel of experts from these two leading brands will cover:

    • The differences between energy storage chemistries, and MK-Deka’s portfolio and proven advantages in advanced VRLA design
    • Review of solar charging technologies, and Morningstar’s advantages when paired with various storage formats
    • MK-Deka’s Charging Recommendations
    • The pre-programmed settings you need for easily designing a critical-applications energy storage system, or upgrading an existing system with storage
  • Morningstar Solar Charge Controllers & Inverters

    Is your system less-than-perfect? Ultimately, the health of your batteries will tell you that. But that’s a hard and expensive way to learn! Instead, learn how choosing the right solar charge controller up-front can make or break your off-grid system.

    This webinar is conducted each month to introduce individuals to Morningstar and off-grid solar. It is also appropriate for experienced professionals who are looking for a refresher, or to have their pressing questions answered by one of our engineers. Attend this webinar to receive One NABCEP CE credit and  learn about:

    • Battery charging stages
    • Differences between PWM and MPPT controllers
    • Effects of oversizing PV arrays
    • Efficiency variations with output power
    • Electronic and environmental protections
    • Controller/inverter features and accessories
    • High voltage charge controllers