Morningstar’s 2013-2014 Product Catalog Is Now Available

We are pleased to announce the availability of our 2013-2014 Product Catalog. To help you select the perfect model for your off-grid Photovoltaic (PV) system needs, Morningstar’s new product catalog includes:  Detailed product information  Preliminary information on two of our latest innovative product additions: TriStar MPPT™ 600V Controller Ground Fault Protection Device Family Furthermore, we have added a new PV application and a power source cross reference guide as well as a comprehensive TrakStar™ MPPT technology overview.

Morningstar Launches Campaign Against Counterfeit Manufacturers to Protect Customers Home and Abroad

Morningstar Corporation, a world-leading supplier of solar charge controllers & inverters—today launched a multi-faceted program to protect against the distribution of counterfeit Morningstar products by unauthorized manufacturers, distributors and sellers. With over two million units installed, in over 90 countries around the world, Morningstar has a reputation for delivering the industry’s best portfolio of solar charge controllers & inverters.  The effect of unauthentic products in the market has been noted and the company is taking steps to halt further fraudulent business practices originating in China. The newly launched program will emphasize customer awareness, validation methods, securing software, packaging updates and other best practices.  Read more…

We Are Helping To Make A Difference

Did you know that the United Nations has identified 40 countries around the world as areas of energy need?  And that there are currently, 1.3 billion people (1 in 5) worldwide without access to electricity and another 1 billion who only have intermittent access as well as 2.8 billion people lack access to clean cooking solutions.  In fact, nearly 40% of the world’s population rely on wood, coal, charcoal or animal waste to cook their food—breathing in the toxic smoke known for causing lung disease and killing nearly 2  million people a year, most of them women and children.  (Source: United Nations, Sept 2012)    (Read the Quick Primer)

How to Get the ‘Best in Class’ MPPT Technology Morningstar’s TrakStar™ MPPT Advanced Control Algorithm

So your Off-Grid Installation is going to be MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking)…  Then why shouldn’t it use the Best in Class MPPT Algorithm? ·         One that maximizes peak PV efficiency & energy harvest. ·         One that helps to better maintain battery health—maximizing the batteries’ state of charge and protecting them against overcharging and undercharging. If you want a charging boost, high voltage wire runs, low battery protection and to improve performance due to shading & cloud irradiance effects then look to Morningstar’s TrakStar™ MPPT Technology. TrakStar MPPT is Morningstar’s Advanced Control Algorithm to Harvest Maximum Power from a Solar Array’s Peak Power Point. TrakStar harvests power from the peak power point of the solar array, converts that power down to battery voltage and boosts charging current in the process.  Additionally, it enables the solar sizing to be done in Watts (not Amps, as in the case of PWM), since all of the power of the PV array is utilized—meaning that the array’s power can be at higher nominal voltage than the battery, as the TrakStar-powered MPPT charge controller will convert that voltage down. MPPT Charge Controllers should be considered for systems of 200W+ and/or for installations located in colder climates. Morningstar’s TrakStar MPPT powered controllers also help to lower overall Off-Grid PV system costs by: ·         Enabling the use of less expensive high voltage & thin film (grid-tie) modules. ·         Reducing cable sizes—using the higher voltage solar array to charge a lower voltage battery. ·         Lowering balance-of-system costs and decreasing the number of solar modules required; while at the same time boosting charge and maximizing energy harvest. Even the largest and most efficient controller can give up crucial power if it does not track the power point of the module correctly.  Morningstar’s MPPT charge controllers’ feature our patented TrakStar smart tracking algorithm, which maximizes the energy harvest from the PV array by rapidly finding the array’s peak power point with extremely fast sweeping of the entire I-V curve—delivering charging boost, enabling high voltage wire runs, providing low battery protection as well as improving performance due to shading & cloud irradiance effects. In fact, the TrakStar algorithm’s tracking speed and logic yield gains that pure system size and efficiency cannot make on their own. Its flexible sweep interval sweeps the full array (from 0-150V) in a ¼ second—providing you with the confidence that any fast changing maximum power points are not missed. It also maximizes power levels by recognizing multiple power points during shading or mixed solar arrays and by providing excellent performance at sunrise and at lower solar insolation levels.  [It is important to note that when considering an MPPT controller that some competitor brands can take up to 30 seconds to sweep the array, during which power levels could change; while other controllers use dynamic tracking (adjusting locally), which can result in a miss of the ‘true’ maximum power point]. With the industry’s highest peak efficiency of 99% (for the TriStar-MPPT 45A and 60A controllers) and 97.5% (for the SunSaver-MPPT 15A […]