We seek talented people who are passionate about renewable energy and want to join our team!

The solar industry is global, growing rapidly and gives us the opportunity to do some good in the world.  Renewable Energy makes the planet greener and off-grid solar improves the life for many people in developing countries.


Current Openings:

Software Engineer

Design Engineer

Technical Sales Engineer


Our Culture


« Our culture is one of trust, mutual respect and total transparency.  There are no secrets here. »   –Lee Gordon, CEO

Innovate & Improve:
We strive to learn and grow from our experiences.  We challenge the status quo in order to adapt and improve.

Honesty & Integrity:
At Morningstar we believe in a collaborative, team-oriented workplace.  We do « what is right » first.

Continuous Learning:
We encourage our employees to develop the habit of continuous learning.  We are committed to providing the best environment for career growth for all employees.


Morningstar Corp. offers full Medical, Dental & Vision insurance with a partially funded Health Savings Account. Employees can also participate in a 401(k), with company match at hire date and are eligible for Incentive Stock Options as well as an Employee Stock Purchase Plan after their first year of employment.

More About Us

“Morningstar is the world’s leading manufacturer of solar controllers and inverters. I like the entrepreneurial, small-business culture. The company has a vision for success.”– Bill Mellema, Director of Engineering

“Morningstar Corporation invests in me to do my job and gives me what I need to get it done.” – Kyle Willsey, Sr. Technical Sales Engineer

“We do socially-redeeming work for an intelligently-run, small, privately-held company with a long track record of stability and success. There’s nearly zero bureaucracy here, and not in the way that you see in many naive new companies: here it’s management where it is needed, freedom everywhere else. Oh, and our policies make it clear that we highly value our employees’ well-being and time.” – Jon Dubovsky, Software Enginee

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