• Power for SCADA, RTU’s and Cathodic Protection at Oil & Gas Sites

    Application: Oil & Gas
    Location: South Texas
    Year: 2014
    Product: TriStar MPPT and SunSaver
    System size: 800W array; 24 Volt Deka Solar gelled electrolyte lead acid batteries
    Partner: Amereseco Solar

    An off-grid application at the Eagle Ford Shale site in South Texas uses TriStar MPPT solar charge controllers to regulate battery charging to power SCADA equipment, RTU’s and cathodic protection.  For several decades, the Morningstar brand of products have been chosen by the world’s largest oil and gas companies in these applications, because of their reputation for reliability and strong customer support.

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  • Solar Light Systems Provide Crucial Light Sources in Remote Kuwait Oil Fields

    Application:  Oil & Gas
    Location: Kuwait
    Year: 2018
    Product: TriStar MPPT 60 Controllers, TriStar 45 (load control) and EIA-485 / RS-232 communication adaptor
    System size: 1 kW with 24-V, 960-Ah NiCd battery bank (five sites)
    Partners: EcoSol Energy Systems

    Kuwait is a dry and arid country with extreme temperature shifts from desert summers to frigid winters. Kuwait’s economy is heavily dependent on fossil fuels; oil accounts for more than half of its GDP and 95% of the government’s income. Because oil is so vital, the government-owned Kuwait Petroleum Corporation oversees the production of crude oil through a network of subsidiaries. Kuwait Oil Company relies on a reliable, steady source of electricity to power the exploration, drilling and production of oil and gas.

    With most oil and gas sites in remote areas with restricted access, Kuwait Oil requires backup battery solutions with high performance, total reliability and low maintenance to power essential equipment and systems. EcoSol Energy Systems developed a lighting system to keep the oil fields running safely and efficiently. It turned to Morningstar to keep systems running without interruption with a nickel-cadmium (NiCd) battery system with TriStar MPPT 60 controllers. This power system is fully reliable in extreme temperatures, can withstand rugged wear-and-tear, and supplies off-site communications to keep systems running.

    Read more about the project here.

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  • Oil & Gas Application


    Morningstar’s SunKeeper controller is used in monitoring and control for oil and gas applications.  Photo courtesy of SunWize® Power Ready System. Copyright 2010 SunWize Technologies.



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