Solar for Lighting Applications

For over 20 years Morningstar has been supplying solar charge controllers to regulate batteries in off-grid lighting projects. These range from small systems to large highway projects that require assistance from system design partners. Morningstar solar charge controllers are equipped with features and protections that are ideal to regulate power for:

  1. Parking lots
  2. Bus Stops Perimeter Lighting
  3. Trail Lighting
  1. Street Lights
  2. Safety Lighting
  3. And many other applications.

Below are examples of Morningstar controllers that are most commonly used in off-grid lighting systems:

Solar Charge Controller Custom Lighting Options
ProStar MPPT Yes
SunSaver MPPT Yes
TriStar PWM Yes
SunLight No

Please also check out accessories such as remote temperature sensors, meters, MeterBus adapters, Relay Drivers, and Din Rail clips by clicking here.

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