Supporting Our Partners’ Favorite Charities

To thank our partners who participated in our recent wind industry survey, Morningstar has made a donation via JustGive. If you responded to the survey during the the 5 day collection period, you can choose which charity our dollars will go to. Look for an email from JustGive and then visit the site to select the charity you want to receive your “thank-you dollars.” We intend to make additional donations from time to time as a way of thanking our stakeholders and supporting worthy causes.

Thanks for Participating in Our Wind Survey!

Morningstar would like to thank the organizations that participated in our recent Wind Market survey to help ensure that the needs of the wind market are being met in association with new soon-to-be-released wind optimized MPPT software for our TriStar MPPT family of controllers. If you are a small wind turbine manufacturer, distributor, dealer, or systems integrator, and you would like to take the survey, please contact us at    

Welcome to Our New Site!

It is with great excitement that we unveil our new website to you. Aside from an updated look, the new website features a powerful new way to sift through our portfolio of products, making it easier for you to better understand our wide range of solar controllers, inverters and related applications. The new design connects visitors to a more user-friendly experience, with improved look and navigation, as well as updated and additional information and resources.

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