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Passive Cooling And The Sound Of Silence

March 25, 2015

Since Morningstar controllers are passively cooled without any internal fans or moving parts, they are very reliable. Fans and other parts are subject to failure and replacement can be very problematic, especially for controllers installed in difficult to access, remote areas. But in addition to issues related to mechanical performance, and debris drawn into the controller by these fans, the noise they create can be irritating in residential applications. With passive cooling, you not only minimize the chance of defects, but you also benefit from the sound of silence.

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Diagnosing Alarms With The Meter Map

February 27, 2015

If your Morningstar controller’s meter is displaying an alarm, it is helpful to consult the meter map for the particular controller you are using in order to access additional helpful information.  The arrows on the map correspond to the arrow buttons on your meter, and the sequence that they need to be pressed in order to display the diagnosis.  If you did not save the meter map that came with your controller, you can access it on the Morningstar Support site.

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Temperature Sensing

January 31, 2015

During one of our webinars, a question came up about battery temperature sensing associated with Morningstar charge controllers.  Just to clarify, our TriStar MPPT family of controllers come with a remote temperature sensor (RTS) included.  The TriStar PWM does not come with a remote temperature sensor but an RTS can be purchased separately. All other MS controllers include an internal temperature sensor.  In addition to the TriStar PWM mentioned above, if more accurate battery temperature sensing is desired, the RTS accessory can be purchased for the SunSaver MPPT, SunKeeper, SunSaver DUO, and ProStar.

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TriStar MPPT Contoller Now Available in 30 Amp Version

September 26, 2014

Our popular TriStar MPPT charge controller is now available in a 30 amp version.  The new 30 amp version handles PV input from 400Wp to 1600Wp (up to 150Voc) and 12-48 VDC batteries.  This controller has all the features and capabilities of our current 45 amp version but with a lower price point.

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Morningstar Launches New Tech Support Website

September 24, 2014

We are excited to announce our new and improved tech support website to better serve you.  The new site offers: Improved search that makes it easy to find product manuals, system diagrams, troubleshooting information, and other support content Browse content based on popularity, customer rating, recent updates New glossary provides context and insight for technical terms used in Morningstar documentation FAQs provide a quick and targeted source of answers to our most frequently asked questions Morningstar’s goal is to provide the best tech support in the PV industry.  If you are in need of support we recommend that you take the following steps: Search our tech support site. If you are not an authorized Morningstar Distributor, contact your Morningstar re-seller. Submit a support request form if your issue is still unresolved.  This creates a support case and helps to expedite our response. View our tech support policy.

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Supporting Our Partners’ Favorite Charities

September 10, 2014

To thank our partners who participated in our recent wind industry survey, Morningstar has made a donation via JustGive. If you responded to the survey during the the 5 day collection period, you can choose which charity our dollars will go to. Look for an email from JustGive and then visit the site to select the charity you want to receive your “thank-you dollars.” We intend to make additional donations from time to time as a way of thanking our stakeholders and supporting worthy causes.

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Thanks for Participating in Our Wind Survey!

August 29, 2014

Morningstar would like to thank the organizations that participated in our recent Wind Market survey to help ensure that the needs of the wind market are being met in association with new soon-to-be-released wind optimized MPPT software for our TriStar MPPT family of controllers. If you are a small wind turbine manufacturer, distributor, dealer, or systems integrator, and you would like to take the survey, please contact us at [email protected]    

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Welcome to Our New Site!

February 8, 2014

It is with great excitement that we unveil our new website to you. Aside from an updated look, the new website features a powerful new way to sift through our portfolio of products, making it easier for you to better understand our wide range of solar controllers, inverters and related applications. The new design connects visitors to a more user-friendly experience, with improved look and navigation, as well as updated and additional information and resources.

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