Integrating Renewable Energy and Fuel Cell Technology

Location: Global
Products: SunSaver SS-20, ProStar MPPT
Partners include: SFC Energy

Generating electricity in remote locations where applications require power 24/7 is always a challenge, especially when conditions prevent solar panels from capturing available sunlight. That’s why innovative solution providers are turning to another electrical-generating technology also originally developed for extended space missions: the fuel cell. For example, SFC in Germany offers its EFOY line of fuel cells, integrating renewable energy and fuel cell technology to power remote systems for years without refueling. This hybrid system shifts from fuel cells to solar
energy to keep systems operating regardless of weather or time of day. SFC choose to use Morningstar components in its systems because of their unmatched reliability, advanced technology and competitive pricing. As these systems reach into increasingly challenging and inhospitable environments, Morningstar components will ensure continual uptime with minimum human intervention.