What Makes Morningstar Different

Two words: employee ownership. That’s our main advantage. It means our own reputations literally ship with each product we make, so we work overtime to keep our quality and reliability at an industry-record high. We build them like we own them, because we do. This is how we’ve earned the lowest hardware failure rate in the industry. It also means that everyone you talk with at Morningstar is actually an owner, with an important stake in the company.Our dedication shows up in every challenging solar application where Morningstar products are the first choice—and sometimes the only choice—for mission-critical users. Some are certified for hazardous locations and are standard in the oil & gas industry, for example. Others are proven in demanding telecommunications, mining, security, transportation, and other sectors. Morningstar electronics even power the world’s largest residential project in Peru, supplying electricity to over 175,000 homes.
Employee ownership is behind our drive to deliver superior quality and value. That’s not a slogan, the way others use it, but a system of technical innovation in seven key areas:
  1. Smarter digital design for faster, more agile processing on-board, to extract all the performance possible from our hardware
  2. Internal electronic design laid out for performance, not economics—because, as employee-owners, we not only can but we have to, in order to achieve our unparalleled low hardware failure rate)
  3. “Over-spec’d” components– with our smarter digital design and better internal engineering, we could get higher performance using the same “good enough” components other companies use. We don’t— instead we raise the bar by using over-spec’d superior components
  4. Superior, “fanless” thermal design— Morningstar products have no fans to fail, waste electricity, or shorten the life of the controller by blowing in dirt and debris. It takes careful, deliberate design and engineering to achieve, but it’s worth it
  5. Dedicated engineering center with our own advanced R&D facilities, test lab, EMI and environmental chambers, full-thermal modeling
  6. Products built in fully automated world-class ISO 9001 facilities
  7. Quality Control– 100% functional testing of every product, using the latest computerized test equipment and processes