Solar Charge Controllers for Rural Electrification

Why Morningstar?

From comfortable off-grid living in the developed world to providing basic electrical services in the developing one, designers of systems of all sizes specify Morningstar components into their projects for the same reasons that oil & gas, telecommunications, and other “mission-critical” users do.

Their unmatched reliability and fault-tolerant design is a tremendous asset in remote rural situations, where installers and operators often have minimal training and replacements might be half a world away. Their fanless design and environmentally hardened, encapsulated electronics mean they can operate for years, even decades, without missing a beat. Advanced charging technologies on-board preserve and protect the health of costly, difficult-to-replace batteries. And the solar maximizing performance provided by TrakStar technology and other efficiency innovations enables a Morningstar-equipped system to extract every bit of electricity possible out of renewable energy sources.

From the mountains of Peru to the South Pacific, in settlements ranging from tundra to desert to tropical conditions, Morningstar charge controllers, inverters and accessories have a 25-year+ lead in setting the standards for off-grid solar electric living. Why take chances on your next project by settling for anything less?

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Solar at your Rural Electrification Site?

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Typical Rural Electrification solar electricity applications

  • Small DC power systems for basic lighting and communications
  • Off-grid homes, cabins, and resorts
  • Schools, clinics, and community centers
  • Agricultural—water pumping, ventilation, electric fencing
  • Community lighting
  • Light commercial and small retail venues

Features & Benefits

  • Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology to extract every bit of electricity possible from the solar source, by converting extra voltage into useful amperage.
  • Morningstar MPPT controllers have industry-leading TrackStar technology on board for that purpose
  • Full programming to enable a high level of system customization. Faceplate mounted timer and test buttons allow for easy system/setting configuration for a variety of uses
  • Load and lighting control for easy integration in lighting systems. Dusk and Pre-dawn settings optimize usable lighting during high-use periods while minimizing power consumption during unoccupied periods.
  • Industry-leading technical support from a US-based company
  • Easy system integration with generator control
  • Standard serial and optional Ethernet capabilities
  • Remote access and control
  • Data logging to record charging/load Amp-hours and alarm/fault notifications
  • Full programming to enable a high level of system customization
  • Built-in communications and diagnostics capabilities
  • Temperature charging protection and advanced charging algorithms to protect expensive storage batteries, both lead-acid and advanced types including lithium. Dead battery recovery feature helps reduce system downtime
  • Designed for trouble-free operation in extreme temperature and weather conditions. Epoxy-encapsulated circuit boards and 60C ambient temperature ratings to handle harsh environments including tropical, coastal, and arid regions. Weatherized construction; no cooling fans to fail
  • Simple, out-of-the-box operation and easy installation
  • Safety features built-in, including alarm/fault notifications, miswiring protection, lightning protection
  • 24V and 48V (Positive Ground) system capability

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