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Energy Storage Partner Program

Energy Storage Partner Program Morningstar’s Energy Storage Partner™ program (ESP) is an ongoing collaboration with selected premium battery manufacturers with advanced technologies/chemistries. A team effort, ESP verifies, confirms and thoroughly documents recommended charge settings along with best practices, to provide system designers and installers with as close to a “plug and play” solution as possible when adding energy storage to a solar electric system or upgrading an existing one. The program’s initial focus is lithium technology batteries, with other types planned in the future. With over eight lines and 30 models of charge controllers for specific applications, and 30 years of proven reliability in the category, Morningstar is widely recognized as the industry’s leader in charging technology and the first choice for mission-critical systems. ESP benefits for installers, system designers, and others include:

  1. Easier and faster installations: charge and other controller settings are pre-determined, documented, and published for specific battery and Morningstar controller models
  2. A more proven, better documented and controlled storage system
  3. Peace of mind with lithium batteries which comes from assured compatibility between batteries and other system components
  4. With existing energy storage systems, a fast, safe and reliable path to upgrading with lithium technology batteries with a comprehensive, approved Integration Guide including all essential information for a “drop-in” replacement

Access more information about closed-loop BMS communication (Tier 2) supported brands and open loop supported brands below.

Morningstar’s Closed-Loop BMS Communication (Tier 2) Integration Guides for Discover and PylonTech are supported with the ReadyBMS.



Click on the brands below to access Open-Loop Communication Integration Guides:


If you have a lithium iron phosphate battery brand that is not included on this page, please consult our Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Custom Settings document.