Includes Downloadable Configuration Files

Welcome to the Morningstar Custom settings Info Links page.

Here you will find links to Custom Settings Info Pages for all Morningstar products that include custom programming options.

The following is a list of Morningstar Products that include Setup Wizard programming options available with MorningStar’s free MSView™ Software.

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The custom settings info links include settings information as well as downloadable Setup Wizard configuration files which can be read into the Setup Wizard and used to program Morningstar’s products that have custom programming capability.

The downloadable config files will be convenient to use for making a few adjustments to Morningstar’s Factory Presets such as adjusting the Low Voltage Disconnect (LVD) Setpoint, adding lighting control functionality or making other minor settings adjustments.

Morningstar Factory Presets

Our Factory Preset Config files have been requested by many customers. These custom settings files are convenient to use when making just a few adjustments to Morningstar’s Factory Presets. The following is a list of common adjustments that can be made to our Custom Settings.

  • Low Voltage Disconnect (LVD) Setpoint

  • Adding Lighting Control Timing

  • Regulation Voltage SetPoints (Absorption, Float and Equalize Voltage Setpoints)

  • Absorption, Float and Equalize Timing

  • Battery Voltage Temperature Compensation (mV/°C and temperature range)

  • Max Charge current

  • Other. See Setup Wizard details in the Help Topics of the MSView™ Software.

Note that some settings such as Communications, Notifications and certain internal Data Log settings can be programmed independently of whether the controller is set to a Factory Preset or a Custom setting.

List of Morningstar product Factory Preset Config files.

Please note that these settings may not match completely with the Factory Presets. Please see the ReadMe file for more information about these settings.

Battery Manufacturer/Model (Listed by Battery Chemistry)

MorningStar has recently worked with several battery manufacturers with several different battery chemistries and types. The following list has been categorized by the type of Battery Chemistry of the batteries. For more information about using Morningstar controllers with different battery chemistries please see our Morningstar Best Practices By Battery Chemistry Web Page.

  • Lead Acid (PbSO4)


  • Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion or LIB)

  • NEC
  • Nickel–Cadmium (NiCd or NiCad)

    None currently available

  • Nickel–Metal Hydride (NiMH or Ni–MH)

    None currently available

  • Nickel–Iron (NiFe)

    None currently available

  • Nickel–Zinc (NiZn)

    None currently available

  • Aqueous Hybrid Ion

    Aqueous Hybrid Ion (Aquion or AHI™)

  • Flow or Redox Flow Battery

    None currently available

Application Specific

Idle Battery Settings – These “idle battery” charge settings are designed for off-grid or standby backup solar PV systems which can have extended periods with little or no-load usage.