New Integrated Series

New Integrated Series

A truly “reimagined” Morningstar line delivering state-of-the-art power conversion, the Integrated Series represents Morningstar’s most forward-thinking research and development yet, backed by 30 years of leadership in the solar field. Providing the industry with the first fully-integrated solar charging systems, platforms, components and accessories, Integrated Series is designed for system designers who need complete solar charging solutions with everything necessary already built-in: intelligence, communications, and control.

Lee Gordon

Integrated Series represents Morningstar’s most forward-thinking research and development yet, backed by our 30 years of leadership in solar – Lee Gordon, Morningstar Co-Founder

Integrated Series components are engineered for more seamless compatibility with other Morningstar components such as our new SureSine inverters. This Series provides easy system expandability and a comprehensive suite of software functionality built-in to cover diverse needs in demanding industrial applications.

On the installation and configuration side, the Integrated Series eliminates the need for a complex and clumsy ecosystem of add-on accessories to deliver peak functionality. There’s no need for the typical dongles, additional cabling, or widgets attached to primary components which can add complexity and compromise efficiency.

Thriving on rock-solid stability and radical change

Morningstar Corporation is launching two product milestones: GenStar, a high-end DC charging system, along with a complete line of SureSine DC/AC inverters. Since the company’s inception in 1993, Morningstar has been regarded throughout the off-grid solar industry as a leader in solar charging technology. For the brand to introduce an all-new charging system, with revolutionary features and capabilities, warrants the term ‘breakthrough’. 

Read more about Integrated Series products in Fall 2022 edition of Power & Energy Solutions.

Our new Integrated Series leads with the revolutionary GenStar MPPT–the industry’s first fully-integrated Solar DC Charging System

GenStar’s innovative design includes Morningstar’s unique ReadyRail expansion system, enabling system designers and installers add key features when needed through Morningstar’s ReadyBlocks.

When equipped with ReadyBlocks, the GenStar MPPT provides the full range of Integrated Series capabilities and functionalities below:

How It works

GenStar MPPT is easy to upgrade to support future Bluetooth wireless communications and SNMP.

 The Integrated Series is engineered for more seamless integration with various Morningstar components, including the new SureSine pure sine-wave off-grid inverters from Morningstar’s acclaimed Professional Series


Solar Power World interviews Bill Mellema, Director of Product Management about the Integrated Series and new GenStar MPPTs and SureSines at RE+/SPI 2022.