Technical Documents

  • Zabbix SNMP Monitoring User Guide
    for Morningstar Devices

    Zabbix is an open-source monitoring software tool for diverse IT components, including networks,
    servers, virtual machines (VMs), and cloud services. This document identifies supported Morningstar products
    and system requirements. It also covers Zabbix installation, setup, and advanced configuration.
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  • Real Time Control of Morningstar Products Using Open
    Protocol MODBUS and MSView Software

    System integrators and project engineers often design systems that require external control over one or
    more Morningstar products during operation. Many Morningstar products include open protocol
    MODBUS which is well suited to provide external control. This is a simple but powerful software solution. This document provides the information needed to implement external control of Morningstar equipment.
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  • Relay Driver Overview and Applications

    Describes Basic and Advanced Settings for common and alternative/novel uses for the Relay driver (RD-1).
    Morningstar’s Relay Driver (RD-1) is a fully programmable 4-channel logic controller which can be used to control mechanical or solid-state relays in AC and DC power systems. This guide provides an overview of the Relay Driver and includes possible configuration settings and how to apply them to different applications and systems.
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  • Morningstar Communications Document (Morningstar Product Connectivity Manual – Networking & Communications)

    A comprehensive guide to communication with Morningstar products including MeterBus networks, Serial RS-232 and EIA-485 networks, Ethernet, HTTP, web interfaces, related hardware and cables.
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  • Morningstar Solar Controller System Sizing
    with 60 Cell Modules

    This Tech Tip discusses the use of today’s 60 cell PV modules with Morningstar’s solar controllers. It explains why 60 cell modules are not well adapted for meeting the nominal array voltage requirements of PWM controllers. It also shows how Morningstar’s MPPT controllers can be used with great success at higher input voltages.
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  • Adjusting Morningstar Data Log File for Your Time Zone

    When retrieving Internal Log Data from a controller or creating a Data Log file with the data logging feature of MSView, the data gets saved to a .csv file which can be opened using a spreadsheet software program like Excel. The format of the Date and Time is in ISO 8601 format which is an international convention for exchanging date and time information.
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  • Mid-Range MPPT Solar Charge Controller Request for Proposal (RFP) Template

    This sample template was created to help installers, designers, and engineering, procurement & construction personnel to create an RFP that will attract responses from qualified parties that can meet key mid-range MPPT charge controller specifications to help ensure deployment of a reliable, high quality off-grid system.
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  • DIP Switch Settings Document

    contains information about DIP Switch settings for TriStar MPPT, ProStar MPPT, SunSaver MPPT, TriStar PWM, and ProStar Gen3 PWM concerning charge control, lighting control, load control, and diversion control where applicable.
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