Mobile Bluetooth Apps

Free mobile apps that enable connection to your Morningstar products via Bluetooth to view real-time operating information and configuration details.

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MSView from Morningstar

A Windows-based software application that allows users to connect supported Morningstar products to a PC to  adjust and view Morningstar product settings and real-time PV system data including:

  • Absorption charging voltage and time
  • Float charging voltage and time
  • Equalization charging
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LiveView from Morningstar

A locally served web dashboard that displays current operating status, real-time solar, battery and load data as well as access to internal historical datalog values (if enabled). It is displayed in simple HTML format and it requires no configuration, and provides considerable utility. LiveView does not require a software download.

LiveView version 1.0

Allows users to view metrics and configure and program communications settings but does not support the additional controller settings adjustments enabled by MSView.
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LiveView version 2.0

Supports Morningstar’s Integration Series products and provides all the system metric displays and settings adjustment capabilities of LiveView 1.0 AND MSView. Additionally, it displays battery state of charge calculations, BMS metrics and advanced load management including scheduling of generator and fuel cell starts and stops for systems deployed with Morningstar’s ReadyBlock accessories.
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MSLoad from Morningstar

A software utility program that loads new firmware updates to your Morningstar product.

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MS Load

Zabbix - Partner Software

Free and open-source Network Management Software,  to provide remote monitoring capability for Morningstar charge controllers and inverters via SNMP-enabled EMC-1 adapter.  The pre-configured integration of Morningstar SNMP-compatible devices with the Zabbix network monitoring software allows your solar power systems to be remotely monitored and managed from a single software platform on the premise or in the cloud.

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