World’s Leading Solar Charge Controllers & Inverters

Field-Proven Quality & Reliability

#1 in Oil & Gas Applications

World’s Leading Solar Charge Controllers & Inverters

Field-Proven Quality & Reliability

World’s Leading Solar Charge Controllers & Inverters

Field-Proven Quality & Reliability

World’s Leading Solar Charge Controllers & Inverters

Field-Proven Quality & Reliability

World’s Leading Solar Charge Controllers & Inverters

Field-Proven Quality & Reliability

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Solar-Powered Portable Turnstiles Featuring Morningstar's ProStar MPPT

When Outlaw Industries turned to solar components, they were assured that the Morningstar ProStar MPPT was the ideal choice for their application.

Solar Power World Announces Availability of Morningstar's 2 New Revolutionary Products

Morningstar Corporation is now shipping two of its most innovative products: SureSine off-grid inverters and GenStar MPPT DC system controller

Morningstar Corporation Announces New Leadership

Founder and President of the 30 year-old solar energy category leader, Lee Gordon, set to retire in June; Director William Mellema assumes CEO role

Morningstar’s 2023 Yearbook Chronicles 30 Years of Success

Read and view photos in Morningstar’s 2023 Yearbook which chronicles 30 years of success in the off-grid solar industry.

Intelligent control at the edge

Solar electric systems power remote applications in the oil and gas extraction industry, with over 9,000 of them off-shore, so the vast majority of operations are far from any electrical grid.

Bill Mellema, Director of Product Management talks about new SureSines and GenStar MPPT at RE+/SPI

This video provides an up close look at new SureSine off-grid inverters and GenStar MPPT DC charging solution on display at RE+/SPI.

SureSine: the "Morningstar of Inverters"

Morningstar’s Senior Sales Engineer Russell Borum, who is based on the African Continent, provides background on the new complete line of SureSine DC/AC inverters.

Altenergy Magazine article featuring Morningstar's New SureSine and GenStar MPPT products

This article explains the SureSine Inverters' full communications capabilities and how they work with the GenStar MPPT DC solar charging system.

What Makes Morningstar Different?

Two words: employee ownership. That’s our main advantage. It means our own reputations literally ship with each product we make, so we work overtime to keep our quality and reliability at an industry-record high. We build them like we own them, because we do. This is how we’ve earned the lowest hardware failure rate in the industry. It also means that everyone you talk with at Morningstar is actually an owner, with an important stake in the company.

Our dedication shows up in every challenging solar application where Morningstar products are the first choice—and sometimes the only choice—for mission-critical users. Some are certified for hazardous locations and are standard in the oil & gas industry, for example. Others are proven in demanding telecommunications, mining, security, transportation, and other sectors. Morningstar electronics even power the world’s largest off-grid solar residential project in Peru, supplying electricity to over 200,000 homes.

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What Morningstar Customers are Saying

We love Morningstar and generally use it in most applications. It’s very rugged, sturdy equipment rated for use among dangerous liquids and gasses, which is ideal because many of our projects aren’t in the kindest environments. Equally important, we’re putting our name on our projects and accepting responsibility for the entire system. It’s important for us to have tested, proven, reliable components…

-Justin Taylor, Sales Manager, Connexa, provider of remote security and surveillance systems

We have chosen Morningstar products for our off-grid solar photovoltaic solutions deployed at about 2,000 sites in the Middle East… [they have] proved to be a reliable source of power supply even in the harsh desert conditions.

-Agile Europe, provider of system solutions for oil & gas projects throughout the Middle East

JCE continues to use Morningstar due to their excellent reputation and ability to guarantee great global service, as well as their wide product range that’s proven to continually operate over considerable lengths of time. Morningstar’s high quality, reliable controllers make them JCE’s No. 1 partner when supplying power to many of the world’s most remote, harshest environments.

-Lukas Geider, Business Development Assistant, JCE Group, provider of (Ex) electrical control systems for hazardous and safe area environments