The History of Morningstar

For over 30 years, we have remained steadfast in helping to create a more sustainable world and business marketplace.

We are committed to conducting our business with integrity, reducing the environmental impact of our products and operations, supporting our communities, striving for improved conditions in our supply chain and creating an inclusive, safe and healthy workplace. From helping over 2 million global installations lower their environment carbon footprint, to accomplishing it ourselves at home; Morningstar’s employees & facilities live and breathe clean, renewable energy! Here are just a few examples of our commitment:

Facilities & Operations:

We can quickly and cost-effectively model, plan, construct and build our ideas, with a team capable of working through mechanical & thermal designs and simulations, build advanced prototypes (using metals & plastics), and design on-site printed circuit board layouts.  Our dedicated engineering center has its own advanced R&D facilities, test lab, EMI and environmental chambers, and full-thermal modeling tools including 3D CAD Software for mechanical & thermal design and product simulation.


Fully-automated ISO 9001 facilities use Quality Control standards that include 100% functional testing of every product with the latest computerized test equipment and processes.

Packaging Innovation:

Reducing the weight and volume of our product packaging, improving recyclability and expanding our use of recycled materials.

Supply Chain:

Supporting high labor and environmental standards in our supply chain—strengthening the work product of both Morningstar and the suppliers we work with. These efforts are essential to maintaining the quality of our products and the success of our business.

Community Support:

From supporting education, to volunteerism, to environmental protection, to helping non-profit aid organizations bring clean, dependable solar-electric power to the developing world; Morningstar is happy to be helping the communities where we work, live and operate.Our sustainability goals are simple and have been at our core since we started operations in 1993. We strive to always maintain our focus on environmental excellence and to help build a more sustainable world. We endeavor to positively influence the impact on our climate and to save our planet’s natural resources by lowering carbon dioxide (& other greenhouse gasses) and reducing waste. The success of our environmental stewardship efforts is echoed & supported by the commitment and enthusiasm of our employees. Together we are protecting the environment & supporting the communities where we work, live and operate.

Milestones in solar innovation and leadership

1993 Morningstar Founded
1995 ProStar™ Mid-Range Controller: Morningstar introduces its mid-range solar controllers for both professional and consumer applications, the first milestone in a legendary history of design and performance
1996 Sunsaver™ Controller: In what will become the “single most successful charge controller in the solar industry,” the SunSaver is introduced for oil & gas  operations and other industrial applications around the globe
1997 Patent awarded for a highly effective battery charging algorithm, based on true PWM switching & constant voltage charging
1999 Sunlight™ Controller: for street, transportation station, pathway and signage lighting and more. 10 lighting options with onboard timer

SunGuard™ compact controller: for microsystems, rugged enough for commercial use

2001 ProStar™ (GEN 2) Mid-Range Controller: the next generation of ProStar includes new features and protections
2003 TriStar™ Controller: a 3-Function Solar Charge Controller for larger systems, providing reliable PWM solar battery charging or load control or diversion regulation. TriStar will become the most iconic controller design in the off-grid solar industry, setting standards for others
2004 SHS™ Controller: A low-cost controller ideal for Solar Home Systems and rural electrification

Patent awarded for our innovative industrial-grade 3-function Solar Charge Controller for larger systems, providing reliable PWM solar battery charging or load control or diversion regulation

2004 Patent Morningstar awarded a Patent for our innovative Spring Assembly—helping to further improve the reliability, quality & performance of our controllers & inverters
2006 SunKeeper™ Controller: a Hazloc-rated Junction Box Mounted Solar Charge Controller for small, single module systems in tough environments
2006 SureSine™ Classic Inverter: compact and rugged, designed for the demanding conditions of rural electrification and now a favorite for cabins, RVs and marine, telecommunications, security and other applications
2007 SunSaverDuo™ Controller: a two-battery solar charge controller with optional remote meter, designed for RV/caravan and marine use, based on the proven Sunsaver platform
2008 SunSaver™ MPPT Controller: an industrial-grade design proven in challenging applications. Ideal for off-grid systems up to 520W and the first to incorporate TrakStar MPPT technology
2008 Morningstar introduces TrakStar™ an advance in Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) algorithm technology, delivering the industry’s best-in­ class Peak Solar Array Efficiency rating
2009 TriStar™ MPPT Controller: designed to deliver MPPT solar harvesting efficiency along with proven TriStar reliability. For larger off-grid PV energy systems up to 4.2 kW. Highest peak efficiency for off-grid controllers in the industry, up to 99%
2011 Sunsaver™ (GEN 3) Controller: rated for Hazloc applications, the third generation brings over two decades of advances in software & electronics to the same rugged design that made the original the leading solar powering solution for oil & gas, mining and other extreme industrial applications
2012 SHS Night Light™ Controller: adds automatic lighting control to the SHS (Solar Home Systems) series. Designed for markets outside the USA and Canada and meeting the necessary World Bank specifications, SHS provides features and benefits specific for residential applications
2013 TriStar™ MPPT 600V Controller: an innovation in high-powered fanless controller design that accepts PV array input up to 600 Voc, enabling installers to design systems with longer and fewer strings

Ground Fault Protection Device (GFPD): prevents current from following any unintended paths during a ground fault

2014 TriStar™ MPPT 30 Amp Controller: a new 30 amp model in the successful TriStar MPPT series, which has become the industry’s-leading charge controller and first choice for critical higher-powered applications
2014 Synchronization Software for the TriStar MPPT 600V Controller is also introduced
2015 Patent awarded for a modulation control scheme for a dual active bridge (DAB) DC to DC in a charge controller
2015 ProStar MPPT™ Controller: building on the ProStar legacy, the MPPT version is released,  an advanced battery charger for off-grid PV systems with PV array max power (Pmp) up to 1400 watts
2016 Ethernet MeterBus Converter (EMC): IP based connectivity device which provides data and communications for select Morningstar products– between themselves, with surrounding systems, and with the outside via the Internet
2016 IEC 62109 certification for all MPPT controllers and the TriStar PWM
2016 Gen 3 ProStar Solar Charge Controller: adds data and lighting control capabilities, a graphical interface, and advanced protection features that meet the needs of today’s most demanding off-grid solar applications
2017 EcoPulse™ Controller: a ew price point for PWM pulse width modulation (PWM) solar charge controller with Morningstar’s Essential Series™ of products, providing essential off-grid battery regulation functions
2018 Over four million Morningstar products sold
2018 EcoBoost™ MPPT Controller: along with EcoPulse, the EcoBoost forms the new Essential Series to bring Morningstar technology and quality to a wider audience
2019 Morningstar launches the Energy Storage Partner (ESP) program which makes it easier for system installers to specify and integrate lithium and other advanced battery technologies into a system. The program will grow to include over 20 battery manufacturing partners, including some of the leading brands in that category
2020 Ethernet MeterBus Converter EMC-1 is now SNMP-Enabled to allow system operators to access full network monitoring
2021 Morningstar achieves Hazloc certification on ProStar MPPT, ProStar and Sunsaver MPPT Solar Charge Controllers-both UL/CSA for North America and IECEx/ ATEX for International and European use

With the industry’s broadest line of Hazloc controllers, including MPPT types, solar professional can specify larger systems for critically powering remote oil & gas and other operations

2022 Morningstar launches a complete SureSine inverter line for off-grid industrial and other applications. Built to the same standards as Morningstar controllers and based on long-time installer demand for a ”Morningstar of inverters,” these new models cover systems from 150 to 2500 Watts, with full communications capabilities and seamless integration with Morningstar controllers
2022 GenStar MPPT: an industry first, a fully-integrated solar DC system controller with all communications and control features built-in. GenStar is also first in a new Integrated Series for Morningstar, one completely future-proofed for evolving system needs through an innovative ReadyRail feature. Snap-in ReadyBlocks can easily be added when needed, for lithium battery integration, metering and monitoring, and advanced load control