Case Studies

  • Mining Companies Turn to Solar for Solutions

    The Brazilian mining industry is increasingly turning to solar power to take advantage of the region’s abundant sunshine to support its mining operations. Powering these can be a challenge—a mine has inherently high energy consumption due to the heavy equipment, lighting, and safety and ventilation required.

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  • Renewable Energy and Fuel Cell Technology

    EFOY fuel cells integrate renewable energy and fuel cell technology to power remote systems for years without refueling.  This new, hybrid system shifts from fuel cells to solar energy to keep systems operating regardless of weather or time of day.  Morningstar components were selected for the solar charge controllers for their  unmatched reliability, advanced technology and competitive pricing.

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  • Solar Energy Solutions for Rural Communities

    Morningstar Corporation Selected as the Main Supplier of Tozzi Green for Turnkey
    Solution Peruvian Rural Electrification Project–the largest, most ambitious rural electrification project in history.  this effort wil bring access to electricity to nearly one million Peruvians.

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