Case Studies

  • Tiny Houses Provide Life-Changing Shelter for Homeless Population

    The solar-powered homes provide shelter and community to homeless men, women and families as they work to rebuild their lives. Morningstar controllers are a key component in the solar lighting system used to power these homes.

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  • Solar Light Systems Provide Crucial Light Sources in Remote Oil Fields

    EcoSol Energy Systems, a leading energy, water and sustainability consulting headquartered Dubai, United Arab Emirates, was tapped to develop a lighting system to keep oil fields running safely and efficiently. Morningstar TRISTAR MPPT 60 Controllers, TRISTAR 45 (Load control) and EIA-485 / RS-232 communication adaptor were used in these lighting applications.

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  • Morningstar and TÜV Rheinland

    TÜV Rheinland helps Morningstar decrease its overall time to market and ensure that each of its products complies with the global quality and safety standards where they are distributed.

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  • Off-Grid Computer & Phone Charging Stations in Uganda

    “The Morningstar charge controllers have been tested and are highly reliable products with a very high charging efficiency. Their fanless design makes them suitable for remote dusty sites as compared to other controllers with cooling fans.”

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  • Marine aids to navigation in harsh environments

    Because Morningstar controllers are manufactured to operate reliably in tropical environments and have an extremely low failure rate, they are far and away the best solar controller option for marine aids to navigation installations.

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  • GRID Alternatives create free reliable solar energy

    Working with local leaders, GRID Alternatives identifies communities that are most in need of access to renewable energy sources, and develops community-supported plans to implement projects.

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  • Wireless Technology in Developing Countries

    Peru and other developing countries are leaping past wired networks and going straight to wireless technology in order to modernize.

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  • Off-Grid Residential & Educational Facilities in Colombia

    The Institute of Planning and Promotion of Energy Solutions for Non-Connected Zones (IPSE) was tapped to oversee a project to provide electricity to ten schools and over 1,000 homes.

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  • Solar-Powered Surveillance Systems Empower Game Rangers

    Continuous coverage surveillance system tracks poachers and saves African wildlife.

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  • Light for All

    The “Light for All” program was launched by the Brazilian federal government and coordinated by the Ministry of Mines and Energy to deliver electricity to families in rural areas.

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  • Illuminating the Solar Superhighway of Brazil

    The state government of Rio de Janeiro facilitated the largest solar highway project ever attempted in Brazil, and one of the largest in the world, a project locals called the Solar Superhighway.

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  • Mining Companies Turn to Solar for Solutions

    The Brazilian mining industry is increasingly turning to solar power to take advantage of the region’s abundant sunshine to support its mining operations. Powering these can be a challenge—a mine has inherently high energy consumption due to the heavy equipment, lighting, and safety and ventilation required.

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  • Renewable Energy and Fuel Cell Technology

    EFOY fuel cells integrate renewable energy and fuel cell technology to power remote systems for years without refueling. This new, hybrid system shifts from fuel cells to solar energy to keep systems operating regardless of weather or time of day. Morningstar components were selected for the solar charge controllers for their unmatched reliability, advanced technology and competitive pricing.

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  • Solar Energy Solutions for Rural Communities

    Morningstar Corporation Selected as the Main Supplier of Tozzi Green for Turnkey Solution Peruvian Rural Electrification Project–the largest, most ambitious rural electrification project in history. This effort will bring access to electricity to nearly one million Peruvians.

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  • Off-Grid Dream Home in Quebec

    When Guy Paquette, a professor/researcher and department head at Quebec City’s prestigious Laval University decided to retire after a 35-year career, he selected an ambitious project: build a dream second home on the St. Lawrence seaway.

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Morningstar Corporation features examples of our products used by our customers across a wide variety of environments and systems, to highlight their flexibility, performance and dependability. Installation best practices and preferences can vary across diverse regions and applications, and the examples shown here are for general interest and not intended as a guide. Always consult local codes and refer to product installation manuals for correct requirements.