Solar Chargers for Agricultural Applications

Why Morningstar?

more and more agricultural applications are turning to off-grid solar for power. Since some farmland is typically far from any source of grid electricity—and often in locations where refueling generators is not economically viable—solar PV systems are often the first choice to power irrigation systems, pumps, pest control, lighting, and heating for animals.

Morningstar components incorporate all required certifications, provide layers of on-board protection for sensitive electronic components, and are engineered for extremely long life and trouble-free operation in remote, inaccessible locations and enclosures—the ideal powering safety net for the most sensitive and critical agricultural systems conceivable today and ready for the future.

Morningstar’s proprietary TrakStar solar harvesting technology and fanless design make for inherently more efficient systems. And with over four million Morningstars installed in the field since 1993, there’s no brand in the solar industry that’s more proven or accepted in terms of reliability.

Need Help with
Solar at your Agricultural Site?

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Typical Agricultural Solar Electricity Applications

  • irrigation systems
  • pumps
  • pest control
  • lighting
  • heating for animals.