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Case Studies


Case Study

Residential and Rural Schools in Colombia

Application: Residential
Location: Uribia, La Uribe, Aguachica and Cartagena del Charia, Colombia
Product: ProStar MPPT 40, TriStar MPPT 30 and TriStar MPPT 45
System size: Between 765 and 4,590 W of solar per site with 205 Ah in 24V to 900 Ah in 48V batteries (1,086 homes and 10 schools)

Morningstar helped power 1,086 homes and 10 schools in Columbia. The project included 133 home installations in desert or marine environments, 773 homes in the mountains and 180 homes and 10 schools in the jungle.

Solar (765W) and batteries (205 Ah in 24V) powered homes. Schools varied by type: Type 1 schools had 1,530 W with 300 Ah in 48-V batteries; Type 2 schools had 3,060 W with 600 Ah in 48-V batteries; Type 3 schools had 4,590 W with 900 Ah in 48-V batteries.

Morningstar products offered a good MPPT algorithm with a robust design and dissipation without needing cooling fans. Morningstar’s five-year warranty and excellent after-sales attention also helped make this project a success.


Case Study

Light for All Program Brings Power to Rural Brazil

Application: Residential, Rural Development
Location: Brazil
Year: 2003
Product: SureSine inverters
System size: 160W of solar for each installation
Partners include: Light for All, Kyocera Solar

Nearly 10 million people in Brazil’s rural areas live without access to electricity and approximately 90% live below the poverty line without basic amenities such as electronic devices, refrigeration and lighting. Brazil’s federal government launched the “Light for All” program in 2003 to deliver electricity to these families. The program covered equipment and installation costs to provide citizens with necessary materials and training to operate and maintain renewable energy installations in their communities.

Morningstar shipped 20,000 SureSine inverters for the program to convert the solar-generated electricity into usable AC power. The SureSine’s sealed design requires no cooling fans, eliminating the risk of failure that could shorten internal component life. The inverter is also rugged and encapsulated to withstand harsh conditions. It’s also “fault-tolerant” with built-in circuitry protection to resist damage from installer or user error.

By May 2016, 15.6 million Brazilians benefited from the program, which also created 485,000 jobs. With this success, the government extended the program to 2018 to bring another million citizens out of the dark.

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