Application Brief: Solar Powering the “Digital Oilfield”

Application Brief Please submit the form below to access the Solar Powering the Digital Oilfield  brief.  Globally there are well over 2 million miles/3.2 million kilometers of oil & gas pipelines, the longest of which stretches over 5,400 miles/8,700 kilometers.  The oil & gas extraction sites they support total over 65,000 worldwide, with some 9,000 off-shore.  The sheer size and scope of this network means that the majority of operations occur in locations far removed from any electrical grid—yet on-site electricity is needed for every mile of pipeline and at every wellhead and terminal, to provide critical power for the monitoring, control, process automation and production optimization functions that comprise the Digital Oilfield.  Read the brief to discover why off-grid solar is being used to power these loads.  You will learn about:

  • What is meant by “the digital oilfield”
  • The types of electrical loads that are powered by solar in remote oil and gas operations
  • Economical and Environmental advantages of solar versus diesel power
  • US, European, and International standards for equipment/components in Hazardous Locations where flammable chemicals may be present
  • Newly certified maximum power point tracking solar charge controllers for oil and gas sites.