MSLoad is a software program that loads new firmware to your Morningstar product. Download MSLoad and watch the video below to learn how to use this software.  The video uses the ProStar MPPT controller as an example, but updating firmware to other Morningstar products follows the same steps.

MS Load

MSLoad supports the following products:

  • TriStar MPPT 600V
  • TriStar MPPT
  • TriStar
  • ProStar MPPT
  • SunSaver MPPT
  • TriStar Digital Meter-2
  • TriStar Remote Meter-2
  • TriStar Digital Meter
  • TriStar Remote Meter
  • Relay Driver


  • Windows 95 or later Operating System

Download MSLoad

MSLoad Software 1.5.7

Additional information about MSLoad can be found in Morningstar Product Connectivity Manual (Section:MSLoad)