Morningstar has partnered with Zabbix, the global leader in free and open-source Network Management Software,  to provide remote monitoring capability for our charge controllers and inverters via SNMP-enabled EMC-1 adapter. SNMP is an internet standard protocol that is used to manage and monitor devices on an IP network. It is typically supported by devices found in IT infrastructures, such as servers, modems, routers, printers, workstations, and other network components. Using the defined communication standards and management topology, SNMP allows for a simple and convenient way to view the status of critical system components on a private Local Area Network (LAN).

Watch this 6 minute video above to understand how to monitor Off Grid Solar Systems with Morningstar and Zabbix. The pre-configured integration of Morningstar SNMP-compatible devices with the Zabbix network monitoring software allows your solar power systems to be remotely monitored and managed from a single software platform on the premise or in the cloud.

Monitoring just got better with Morningstar and Zabbix open-source software. View the recording of this full-length webinar to learn how to:

  • Monitor charge current, battery voltage, temperature and other metrics in your remote off-grid systems
  • Receive email and SMS notifications about potential system problems
  • Easily scale monitoring of small, medium or large number of off-grid systems
  • Improve trouble-shooting response time and resolution
  • Create customized dashboards, graphs, and rich visualization capabilities
  • Leverage free open-source Zabbix and its community support

Supported Morningstar devices:

  1. TriStar PWM
  2. TriStar MPPT
  3. TriStar MPPT 600V
  4. ProStar PWM
  5. ProStar MPPT
  6. SunSaver MPPT
  7. SureSine Inverter 

System requirements 

Other Information