Off-Grid solar power solutions for companies, governments, and other organizations

What Are Morningstar Applied Services

Our Applied Services include support for the following types of off-grid solar customers throughout the world:


OEM Partner companies seeking to add off-grid power into their products by integrating Morningstar products or sub-assemblies


Companies/organizations seeking Morningstar and its partners to create a complete solution for off-grid power, charging, load management, and data monitoring


Companies seeking to customize and private label our products

Our Customers

Morningstar Applied Services support customers from many different industries, and our OEM partners embed Morningstar solar power electronics in a wide range of products including trash compactors, refrigerators, medical kits, portable turnstiles, and surveillance units.  Every year, new companies seek assistance from Morningstar to enable their products with autonomous, remote power, making them more mobile and independent from the electric grid and diesel fuel sources.

What We Offer

Morningstar’s Applied Services include assistance with:




Our laboratory facilities include in-house EMI (electromagnetic interference) chamber testing and Environmental Chamber testing

Full Thermal

Full thermal modeling tools

Including 3D CAD Software for mechanical & thermal design and product simulation


In-house advanced prototyping

From system enclosures to product circuit boards


Fully-automated ISO 9001 manufacturing

With 100% functional testing using computerized equipment and processes

Volume & Bulk packing options

Volume & Bulk packing options

For your delivered products or assemblies, that reduce waste and make inventory and storage easier

Control and Integration

Compliance and Certification support

Including NRTL documentation support, sampling needs, and general guidance

Control and Integration

Control and data integration

Our products support industry standard communication protocols such as MODBUS, SNMP, and HTTP to enable external control and data sharing between devices at the site. We can work with you to integrate energy system information with 3rd party site equipment, system management platforms, and even enable cloud integration.  This will enable you to see battery voltages, charging stages, and PV array and load performance in near real time. Moreover you can change custom charge settings, low voltage disconnect, and generator and fuel cell starts/stops remotely from your computer or cell phone

Optimal battery management and communications

Optimal battery management and communications

Development of manufacturer specific battery charging profiles for consistent programming into our line of charge controllers. We’ll ensure your chosen battery integrates seamlessly into the system and is charged in an ideal manner to maximize capacity and longevity. This includes a customized multi-stage charging profile specific to your battery models and chemistries, optimized temperature compensation, and deep discharge protection. It can also include optional integrated CANBUS link for direct battery management and data communication with the BMS in place (Battery Management System), with a variety of industry leading manufacturers and protocols

Identifying, qualifying and integrating the right components

Identifying, qualifying and integrating the right components

Every off-grid application is unique and may need additional accessories to become a complete solution. We’ll help you identify, qualify and integrate the right external 3rd party components into your system. This includes external charging sources, load management guidance, power conversion equipment, and system hardware

System enclosure heating analysis and optimization

System enclosure heating analysis and optimization

Thermal modeling against various constraints such as enclosure dimensions, system location, and equipment orientation to ensure optimal equipment performance and lifetime

Proven Results

Morningstar Advantages

Easy Component Integration Easy component integration—Morningstar designs for mechanical, electronic and data compatibility, with form-factors and configurations at home in a variety of situations. For example, our iconic TriStar controllers are commonly featured as standard equipment in explosion-proof system enclosures used on off-shore platforms in the oil & gas industry.
Reliability And Durability Reliability and durability—our charge controlling hardware has been proven with over 4 million in the field, used in some of the most challenging environments on the globe.
Superior Thermal Design Superior thermal design—we’ve perfected fanless heat management, resulting in solar power conversion components with no moving parts (no fans to fail).  You’ll see a variety of industry-proven designs integrated into our products such as pure aluminum extruded heatsinks, conform circuit-board coatings and thermally-optimized epoxy resin encapsulations of critical power components.
Fully Optimized Engineering Culture Fully optimized engineering culture, through employee ownership—we can and do build for the long-term and not just a bottom line, using premium components and circuitry designed for performance instead of economics. Even the copper we use on our circuit boards is a higher-quality “pour” than that found in other brands
Industry Leading Certification Industry-leading certification and compliance— Morningstar has achieved Hazardous Location (HazLoc) certification for North America, Europe and International use across our core solar charge controller line—the most comprehensive range of controllers to earn this coveted certification. Our core line also meets requirements for a wide variety of UL, IEC, FCC, and safety standards.  Our compliance and certification credentials means that users adopting Morningstar components into their product lines are assured of total conformance, essential to risk management.  Read more about this in the Morningstar and TÜV Rheinland case study.
Future Proofed Features Future-proofed features and technologies—Morningstar stays at the leading edge of solar, power conversion, and energy storage technologies. Our software development is the equal of our mechanical excellence. From CAN to Bluetooth, we accommodate all relevant communication protocols and platforms, to provide a seamless network integration experience.
Advanced Energy Storage Advanced energy storage management—Morningstar works with over 20 of the leading battery manufacturers through our Energy Storage Partner (ESP) program, which prioritizes lithium chemistries. With Morningstar on-board, battery health and longevity is assured—a very important factor in protecting this significant system investment.



Powering “smart agriculture” systems for irrigation, lighting, livestock control and other uses

Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Worldwide Hazardous Location (HazLoc) certifications make Morningstar the first choice for remotely powering “digital oilfield” systems, on and off-shore

Traffic & Signaling

Morningstar is on-board systems in production for controlling railroad, highway, municipal safety and other systems

Rural Electrification

Rural Electrification

Morningstar components have been integral in the world’s largest off-grid rural electrification projects, including 250,000 homes in Peru



Morningstar’s superior thermal performance make it an ideal partner in remote telecommunications systems around the globe

Security & Surveillance

Security & Surveillance

A range of voltage options, ability to maximize solar “harvesting” and industry-leading reliability have put Morningstar in critical systems everywhere



Solar-powered ventilation and lighting systems are essential in remote mining operations. Morningstar components lead the field in that application



Morningstar powers solar electric systems around the globe used to dependably light cities, airports and even entire highways

Applied Services Success Stories

See the Applied Services Success Stories below. Whether you are looking to private-label our product, or imbed a MS product or subcomponent into your current product offering or whether you seek help creating and customizing a pre-packaged off-grid power system, let Morningstar be your trusted partner to help provide the best solution.

“Smart” turnstiles with electronic access control are often the best way to secure the premises, manage the entry and exit of authorized personnel, and prevent those unauthorized from entering [READ MORE]

EFOY methanol-based fuel-cell powering system from SFC, designed for very remote critical applications about to be deployed, with a Morningstar SunSaver built-in for supplemental solar electricity support [READ MORE]


Solar-powered RTU (Remote Terminal Unit) system powered by Morningstar’s ultra-compact and rugged SunKeeper controller [READ MORE]


Since 1993 we have sold over 4 million products and we have received testimonials from customers all over the world who praise our engineering, product quality, and customer support.

We have chosen Morningstar products for our off-grid solar photovoltaic solutions deployed at about 2,000 sites in the Middle East… [they have] proved to be a reliable source of power supply even in the harsh desert conditions.

Agile Europe, provider of system solutions for oil & gas projects throughout the Middle East

The Morningstar TriStar 45A & 60A Controllers are the best controllers in the world for diversion load applications…

Europe/Florin Fleseriu, EcoVolt

Morningstar has a strong track record for producing high quality charge controllers and TRAKSTAR MPPT technology is superior to other MPPT technologies. We immediately experienced an increase in power…

Australia/Leigh Horton, Key Manager System Design, West Coast Solar and Wind

We have used Morningstar charge controllers since 1997, and the performance and support for these products has always been excellent.

Central America/Victor Hugo Munoz, Synthesis

I’ve probably used every model that Morningstar makes at one point or another… In a high-altitude, low temperature environment with reflective snow cover, the MPPT works incredibly well, providing about 20% to 25% more energy capture…I’ve measured it side by side…it’s astonishing.

Tracy Dahl, polar power expert using Morningstar in Arctic and Antarctic projects