Download your MSView software version below, and view requirements, release notes, and instructional videos on this page:

MSView- (for all Morningstar products except the [TSMPPT-600V with Pre v.19 Firmware])
MSView- (for the [TSMPPT-600V with Pre v.19 Firmware])

MSView is a Windows-based software application that allows users to connect to supported Morningstar products to enable:

Real-time and daily data logging and graphical displays

  • Array/battery/load currents and voltages
  • Charging and load states
  • Battery and heat sink temperatures
  • Faults and alarms

Programming custom settings

  • Absorption, float and equalize charging, voltage, and time
  • Float and equalize enable/disable

Real-time control

  • Enable/disable charging and loads
  • Start or stop equalize
  • Clear faults and alarms
  • Clear Ah/Wh counters
  • Reset control
  • Reset to factory default settings
  • Relay Driver channel toggle

Release Notes


  • ProStar / ProStar MPPT summary screen swap
  • Connection sharing between real-time data & setup wizards


  • Includes support for Ethernet MeterBus Controller & ProStar Generation 3.
  • Minor scaling fixes for other controllers

MSView supports the following Morningstar products:

  • TriStar MPPT 600V
  • TriStar MPPT
  • TriStar
  • ProStar MPPT
  • ProStar
  • SunSaver MPPT
  • SunSaver Duo
  • SureSine
  • Ethernet MeterBus Converter
  • Relay Driver


  • Windows 95 or later Windows operating system
  • Serial port, USB port or RJ-45
  • All Morningstar Products should be updated to latest firmware
    (See the ProStar MPPT firmware update video as an example.)

Instructional videos for MSView:

Using MSView with a TriStar MPPT Controller

Morningstar provides some really neat free software to use with their solar PV charge controllers. And if you have the 60A version of the Tristar MPPT, then all you need is an ethernet cable to get going! In this video we will show you how to use the MSView and what info you can get from LiveView.

MSView Setup Wizard Overview & Custom Settings – Part 1

This video provides an overview of the MSView setup wizards for several Morningstar products. It also addresses custom settings to accommodate different battery types and communication applications.

MSView Setup Wizard – Part 2: TS-MPPT DIP Switch Settings

This is the second in the series of videos on MSView Setup Wizard Custom Settings. This video has a review of DIP switch settings for the TriStar MPPT controller, some of which are needed when programming custom settings using the TriStar MPPT Setup Wizard.

MSView Setup Wizard – Part 3: Example TriStar MPPT Setup Wizard Walkthrough

This is the third in the series of videos on MSView Setup Wizard Custom Settings. This video will show a complete example TriStar MPPT Setup Wizard walkthrough. Please see time signature links to jump to a particular setup configuration screen.

Additional information about MSView can be found in Morningstar Product Connectivity Manual (Section:MSView)