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While we do not sell directly to dealers, installers or end users; Morningstar’s products are marketed through 231 highly qualified, authorized Morningstar distributors in 90 countries. These partners include many of the leading companies in each respective country.

Product Sourcing

B2C Consumers: If you are a B2C consumer purchasing for your own personal use, just select a product from the search box to the right for a list of online purchasing options. This allows you to place an order immediately. Note that selecting a product from the menu on the right of the page opens a new window and navigates you away from the Morningstar webpage.

PV Installers / Resellers / B2B / Government: If you are a Photovoltaic (Solar) Installer, Reseller, business/industrial user, or government/non-profit entity, and you would like to purchase Morningstar’s solar charge controllers and / or inverters wholesale, and establish a business-to-business relationship with one of our authorized wholesale distributors, please click here so that we may refer you to a distributor who would best qualified to meet your business needs.

PV Distributor: If you are a Photovoltaic (Solar) Wholesale Distributor and would like to become an authorized Morningstar distributor, please click here for further qualification.

OEM Partner Applicant: If you would like to become an OEM partner who will imbed a Morningstar product in your product, please click here for further qualification.

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