Connect Your Future to an Industry Leader!

More than ever, the world depends on solar energy…

Solar employs over a quarter of a million workers in the U.S alone, and is growing at a rate of 16% annually!

…and the solar industry depends on Morningstar

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With over 4 million products sold since 1993—in the most extreme environments and mission-critical applications in the world—Morningstar Corporation is truly “the world’s leading supplier of solar controllers and inverters.” Our controllers are installed on every continent on earth.

The Morningstar difference starts with total transparency, and adds:

  • Employee ownership
  • Same company ownership and management for over 25 years
  • Entrepreneurial atmosphere with minimal bureaucracy
  • Focus on long-term thinking instead of short-term gain
  • Projects that our people work on and get to see through, from start to finish
  • Respect for work/life balance – no late-night email responses required!

The result: A culture that allows our people to thrive!

“Our progress is a direct result of over 25 years of Morningstar’s employee-owned ethic and culture. When everyone in the company has an ownership stake, our personal reputations literally ship with every product. And that’s why we’re perfectly fine sharing our ‘secret sauce’ with both customers and competitors—it’s our culture that makes us different and, as a result, better.”

– Lee Gordon, Morningstar president and co-founder

“Morningstar is the world’s leading manufacturer of solar controllers and inverters. I like the entrepreneurial, small-business culture. The company has a vision for success.”

– Bill Mellema, Director of Engineering

“Morningstar Corporation invests in me to do my job and gives me what I need to get it done.”

– Kyle Willsey, Sr. Technical Sales Engineer

Continuous Learning:

We encourage our employees to develop the habit of continuous learning.  We are committed to providing the best environment for career growth for all employees.


Morningstar Corp. offers full Medical, Dental & Vision insurance with a partially funded Health Savings Account. Employees can also participate in a 401(k), with company match at hire date and are eligible for Incentive Stock Options as well as an Employee Stock Purchase Plan after their first year of employment.