Download the GenStar MPPT firmware below to update your firmware. This firmware update contains all fixes to date. Only the latest firmware update needs to be programmed into the GenStar MPPT.



Release Notes


Genstar MPPT Firmware Version 2.3.2  

(Release Date Web – 4/24/24)

(Release Date Production – N/A)



  • Fixes to Current Limit Alarm reporting
  • Net Shunt, if available, used when Current Limiting is active

****Manual Power Cycle Recommended after BMS Block Upgrade***



Genstar MPPT Firmware Version 2.3.0  

(Release Date Web – N/A)

(Release Date Production – N/A)


  • Fixes / Improvements to Wireless Firmware Updates
  • Properly reset for multiple firmware upload attempts
  • Misc minor bug fixes



Genstar MPPT Firmware Version 2.2.6  

(Release Date Web – 12/20/23)

(Release Date Production – N/A)


  • SNMP v2c Support
  • ReadyBMS adds Weco BMS Lithium Support


  • Corrected system battery amp-hour counters variable 
  • Misc minor bug fixes



Genstar MPPT Firmware Version 2.0.10

(Release Date Web – 9/11/23)


  • State of Charge (SOC) calculation for systems with ReadyShunt


  • Warning for critical settings change via SD Card
  • Reboot after update, now default setting
  • IP address logging corrected

Genstar MPPT Firmware Version 1.1.6

(Release Date Web – 6/5/23)
(Release Date Production – 6/7/23)


  • Added download option for Daily Records to Webpage
  • Added Wireless Section to Network Setup Webpage
  • Added Enable Option to Network Setup Webpage


  • Charge state reporting absorption when below target voltage
  • Hour meter being overwritten on bootup
  • Net battery current reporting 0.0Amp when a Net-shunt is configured
  •  Event log reporting for Float Cancel



  Genstar MPPT Firmware Version 1.0.4 (Release Date Web – 3/17/23) (Release Date Production – 2/22/23)

  • New
  • Fixes
  • Enhancements