Download the latest firmware update for the Prostar MPPT charge controller and the MSLoad utility software below. This firmware update contains all fixes to date. Only the latest firmware update needs to be programmed into the Prostar MPPT.

NOTE: A Morningstar USB to Meterbus (model: UMC-1) is required to load new firmware into the Prostar MPPT. Consult your Morningstar dealer for more information.

Release Notes

Prostar MPPT Firmware version 27 

(Release Date:  Web – 11/25/20)
(Release Date:  Production – TBD)

  • Load High Voltage Disconnect (LHVD) Disabled by Default
  • Low Voltage Disconnect (LVD) Defaults to 11.5V for all Battery Types
  • Low Voltage Reconnect (LVR) Defaults to 12.6V for all Battery Types
  • Display and Directional Arrow Freezing
  • Improved MPPT Sweep Efficiency
  • Improved Duty Cycle Efficiency
ProStar MPPT Firmware version 19

(Release Date: Web – 8/14/19)
(Release Date: Production – TBD)

  • Fixed communications lockup and meter freeze on -M models
ProStar MPPT Firmware version 14
  • feature: added user configuration so that when EEPROM written, Load does not disconnect
  • feature: full translations for French, German, Spanish
ProStar MPPT Firmware version 12
  • RM-1 fixes: floating->fixed conversion, ‘Ic’ vs ‘Ib’ current, Vb min/max, Ah scaling
  • VEQ/LHVD custom range to include disable (0V)
  • Meter main screen ‘level bars’ now working
ProStar MPPT Firmware version 11.0
  • Fixed issues with lighting and/or logic when programmed from the onboard meter
  • Fixed issue with illumination of navigation buttons on metered versions
ProStar MPPT Firmware version 10.0
  • Fixed issues with lighting mode
  • Fixed meter screen blank outs and contrast issue
  • Misc meter usability issues resolved
  • Improved meter navigation