Download the latest firmware update and the MSLoad utility software below. This firmware update contains all fixes to date. Only the latest firmware update needs to be programmed into the TriStar.

For firmware releases v13 and older, the TriStar internal boot-loader must be updated. The boot updater file is included in the .zip file along with instructions. This update only needs to be performed once. Thereafter, firmware updates can be loaded normally.

Release Notes

Version 16
  • Improved RTS detection to reduce false-positives at cold temperatures
Version 15
  • added support for advanced settings menu, ability to adjust controller MeterBus ID from the digital meter (TS-M-2, TS-RM-2)
Version 14
  • factory firmware release with bootloader update (TriStars with older firmware versions will need to perform the bootloader update procedure before updating to v14 and newer code)
Version 13
  • added data logging feature. TriStar now records ~90 days of data internally. Access data with MSView or TriStar Meter 2 (logging display not supported in original TriStar meter)
  • added new Alarm: “Controller Reset” has been added to the daily alarms. If power is removed, the event is recorded in memory
  • real-time kWh value now accessible via Modbus
Version 12b
  • modified default custom settings float enter value to 30% (factory default value)
  • fixed a MODBUS timing issue