Download the White Paper: Higher Voltage PERC and Half-Cell Solar PV Modules

Please click here to download the Higher Voltage PERC and Half-Cell Solar PV Modules white paper. Over the years, PV modules have continuously improved and become more efficient and less expensive. The introduction of new PERC PV and half-cell technology has not only affected efficiency and cost, but it has also increased the voltage ratings of PV modules. This paper will discuss how these new higher voltage PERC modules affect string sizing when used with Morningstar controllers. Read the white paper to learn

  • How new PERC Half-Cell modules can provide more power to your off-grid systems
  • Why the increase in MPPT boost associated with PERC Half-Cell modules over traditional 36 and 72 cell modules, makes MPPT controllers more economically viable than ever
  • How MPPT controllers in hot climates can still provide significant power boost, when used with new PERC Half-Cell modules
  • How new PERC Half-Cell modules can perform better under partial shading conditions
  • Why PWM controllers are often unsuitable with 60 cell modules—even the higher voltage PERC modules
  • How Morningstar’s string calculator can help you determine optimal and problematic array configurations when using PERC Half-Cell modules
Whitepaper Higher Voltage Perc Half Cell Solar Pv Modules