Download the White Paper: Solar Controller Integration with AC Rectifiers

Please click here to download the Solar Controller Integration with AC Rectifiers white paper. For over 25 years Morningstar solar controllers have been incorporated into off-grid and backup grid-tied systems. Many of these systems include a rectifier to charge a battery from an AC power source. This power source can be the utility grid or a generator. This paper will show how a solar PV system can be integrated into these types of rectifier systems. Read the white paper to learn:

  • About the benefits of adding solar to AC rectifier systems including UPS backup and off-grid generator systems
  • How to prioritize solar energy over AC rectifier systems to reduce the levelized cost of energy (LCOE)
  • How to provide more reliable backup power for longer outages
  • How to reduce generator run time and battery cycling
  • About multi-stage charging control
  • Coordinating the solar charge controller with the rectifier
Higher Voltage PERC and Half-Cell Solar PV Modules