Morningstar Online Community Terms of Service

Morningstar Online Community Terms of Service

Personal Information and Authenticity
All persons are required to submit authentic information when registering for membership to the community. Morningstar and its community will not be held liable for any discrepancy  in the information submitted by the members.  Any members impersonating someone or sharing false information will be held accountable.

Information We Collect
We collect personal and business information you choose to provide. We may also collect non‐personal information which includes website usage statistics, product preferences, and demographic information.  See our Privacy Policy for more details.

The content created in the community (e.g. posts and replies, but not personal information) is completely owned and managed by Morningstar, not the person or any other entity that created the content.  Any member creating content in the online community gives irrevocable permission to share, download and distribute the content.  And the members will be forbidden from claiming any royalty.

Managing Content
Morningstar is not obliged to review all content instantly, but Morningstar reserves the right to modify or delete content that doesn’t adhere to the Morningstar Online Community Guidelines or is otherwise deemed to be inappropriate by Morningstar.  While moderators and others may comment and edit content that is identified to be inaccurate or inappropriate, Morningstar cannot guaranty the accuracy of all content posted in the Community.

Community members are expected to post, reply and comment respectfully.  Morningstar reserves the right to cancel or restrict any person’s membership at any time for any reason.  Morningstar shall not be responsible or held liable for any damages that result from attacks or interactions among community members.  Furthermore, Morningstar is not bound to resolve disputes.

Changes to Terms of Service
Morningstar reserves the right to modify the Morningstar Online Community Terms of Service.

How to Contact Us
If you have any questions or comments about these Terms of Service, please contact us by email at [email protected].

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