ReadyBMS builds “lithium DNA” into any system equipped with a Morningstar Integrated Series parent component equipped with ReadyRail/ReadyBlock expansion technology.  It delivers true closed-loop control and communications with the Tier 2 lithium battery brands in Morningstar’s Energy Storage Partner program, delivering total peace of mind with charger and battery working together in a system 

Currently supports two-way closed-loop / Tier 2 communication and operation with Discover and PylonTech LiFePO4 batteries. Check the Morningstar ESP webpage for more information and updates as Morningstar brings in additional closed loop communication battery partners.

Part of the ReadyBlock suite of add-on– yet built-in– functionality available in Morningstar “host” components featuring the ReadyRail expansion system.  

  • “Add-on” in the sense that ReadyBlocks can be integrated into a system at any time, either on inception or later as needs arise  
  • “Built-in” because once added, ReadyBlocks become part of the host component, seamless integrated into both its hardware and software

Model number: RB-BMS

Works with GenStar MPPT Fully-Integrated DC Solar Charger



Key Features and Benefits
  • Total peace of mind during operation, with a charger and battery working in unison as a system
  • Closed loop, so no need to specify charge algorithm parameters.  ReadyBMS “gets it right” first time and every time
  • Powerful info for decision-making.  Users can specify automated actions in their system based on detailed battery information, with  BMS data made available for use in logic configuration
  • No need for external additional widgets and accessories, including Remote Temperature Sensors and Battery Sensors. ReadyBMS gets charging commands directly from the battery that are already temperature compensated, along with battery voltage reporting eliminating the need to account for voltage drop across conductors.  This reduces system set-up time and complexity, reducing costs and also eliminating potential common failure points (for example, system fault if an RTS becomes disconnected)
  • Highly accurate, responsive performance.  With Ready BMS the charger gets precise battery data without the need for external measurements, and  can respond in real-time to the needs and limitations of the battery in real-time, ensuring optimal charging while not exceeding limits

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