Application: Telecom
Location: Oregon
Year: 2012
Product: TriStar MPPT
System size: Two 235-W solar panels
Partners include: Rural Technology Group, SolarWorld

A Morningstar TriStar MPPT controller helps distribute internet services to a rural community in Central Oregon where many residents live without a telephone or cell service. Morningstar partnered with Rural Technology Group for an experimental project to expand internet service in rural areas with rugged terrain.

The team successfully installed a solar-powered microwave relay site on top of a mountain. A high-speed connection VOIP service now gives the community access to lifesaving emergency calls.

So far, the project has survived hurricane-strength winds, periods of dark and snowy days and temperatures in excess of 105°F to -4°F (41°C to -20°C). This relay also cost less than $3,500 to construct and commission.

-Photos courtesy of Rural Technology Group