Systems aboard remote wellhead platforms in the Java Sea require a reliable source of electricity. JCE Energy’s solar solution uses a Morningstar controller to provide dependable, cost-effective electrical power in the hazardous environment.


Wellhead platforms in the Java Sea play a vital role in oil and gas development and extraction, but their remote location in a harsh, hazardous area requires a more durable and less maintenance-prone means of generating electricity long-term for critical onboard systems.


In 2020, JCE Energy designed and engineered a powerful 25kW solar electric system for a 1.6kW continuous load including 24V, 5,500Ah nickel-cadmium battery banks, a monitoring and alarm system, power distribution boards, solar panels, and 16 Morningstar TriStar TS-MPPT-60™ controllers ideal for system use in HazLoc-rated enclosures. The complete packages were manufactured and tested at JCE’s custom-built facility in Aberdeen, Scotland, ready to be installed and commissioned on site. These systems power a range of applications and devices including instrumentation, telecom equipment, navigational aids, and process equipment/motors, locally installed on each platform.


JCE chose Morningstar controllers because they are suitable for use in dangerous environments inside JCE designed and manufactured compliant enclosures, and can operate reliably and continuously over long periods of time without requiring hands-on adjustment or maintenance. “JCE continues to use Morningstar due to their excellent reputation and ability to guarantee great global service, as well as their wide product range that’s proven to continually operate over considerable lengths of time,” said Lukas Geider, Business Development Assistant, JCE Group.