Powering Marine Navigation Equipment in Harsh Environments

Location: Papua New Guinea
Year: 2018
Products: TriStar TS-MPPT-60 controllers, SunSaver SS-10L, and ProStarPS-15 and PS-30 controllers
Partners include: M-NAV Solutions

Lighthouses, buoys and beacons are crucial for assisting navigators in choosing a safe course of passage. Officially known as Marine Aids to Navigation (AtoN), these structures also are used as platforms for communication and surveillance equipment for weather and ocean monitoring. A non-operational AtoN in a key location could have catastrophic consequences. These systems are most often in remote environments that are difficult to access and exposed to severe environmental conditions. System reliability is so critical that the International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities (IALA), which sets standards for AtoN operation, requires an operational availability rate between 97.0%
and 99.8%. M-NAV has used Morningstar controllers in Papua New Guinea AtoN systems, like this one linked to a solar and battery system at the Jomard
Island Coastal Monitoring Station in Milne Bay Province, for more than 10 years because the products offer a high availability rate and operate reliably in extreme environments. M-NAV Solutions is also recommending Morningstar controllers in AtoN contracts in the Philippines.