Illuminating the Solar Superhighway of Brazil

Application: Lighting, Security
Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Year: 2015
Product: TriStar MPPT 45
System size: Solar-powered streetlight kit with three modules, four 240-Ah, 12-V batteries and a 150-W LED lamp (4,300 units)
Partners: Soter, Kyocera Solar

The Arco Metropolitano is a 145-km arch of highway in the state of Rio de Janeiro. The arch skirts the booming metropolis of Rio de Janeiro city, providing a vital connection to the five major highways that crisscross the state. But hazardous weather conditions and high crime made driving on the highway at night difficult and dangerous. To keep the highway open, the government needed a reliable lighting solution to provide around-the-clock illumination on the most trafficked and dangerous stretches. 

Japanese electronics firm Kyocera Solar partnered with Brazilian engineering company Soter to develop and install a street lighting system capable of producing 2.8 GWh of solar energy per year without burdening the already fragile local energy grid. The Kyocera streetlight kit depends on a lead battery system connected to a charge controller, capable of storing up to three days worth of energy. The Morningstar TriStar MPPT 45 serves as a critical component for this single-source energy solution.

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