Application: Rural Electrification
Location: Fiji
Year: 2015 through 2021
Product: SunSaver SS20/12L and SureSine Inverter SI300-220V
System size: 280-W of solar with AGM deep-cycle, 12-V, 200-Ah battery per system (1,000 sites)
Partners include: CBS Power Solutions, Powerlite

The Fiji Electricity Authority’s (FEA) rural electrification project will bring power to every Fiji household by 2021. Partners CBS Power Solutions and Powerlite chose Morningstar’s SunSavers and SureSines because they can withstand harsh tropical conditions and come with a warranty that exceeds requirements. Morningstar’s superior quality, easy installation, backup support and after-sales service were also considerations for selection. Both the Fiji government and FEA have heavily invested to extend the national grid to access remote communities and settlements.