Solar Skids Power Sensors in the Chilean Desert

Location: Antofagasta, Chile
Year: 2020
Products: SunSaver SS-MPPT-15L controllers
System size: One 330W solar panel with
50Ah, 24V lithium battery per skid (54 total)
Partners include: Connexa, RELiON

Antofagasta lies between the Pacific coast and Northern Chile’s Atacama Desert. Corrosive salt in the air and harsh desert extremes combined with dangerous gasses and liquids potentially present in industrial applications create a demanding environment for power electronics. A client sought a way of remotely powering sensor systems to monitor liquids in this challenging setting. Logistics posed yet another concern: any solution had to fit in a small pickup truck and be manageable with a two-person installation. Connexa’s team constructed 54 container-loaded skid systems. Each included one solar module, a RELiON lithium battery, a Morningstar SunSaver SS-MPPT-15L charge controller, and a stainless steel enclosure. Connexa specifies SunSaver controllers because they’re approved for use in hazardous locations: Class 1, Division 2. Also, RELiON is a member of Morningstar’s Energy Storage Partner Program, which ensured a reliable, seamless solution.