Inverter: SureSine

The attached photo is of a Tucker “Sno-Cat” panel which was modified to support computers and communications.  This vehicle recently completed the GRIT (Greenland Inland Traverse), covering over 1,400 miles on the Greenland ice cap.  There is 170 watts of PV mounted to the roof of the Tucker which runs through a Morningstar charge controller to the vehicles heavy duty batteries. Many of the loads were run off of straight DC to prevent any conversion losses.  The Morningstar inverter took care of the small AC loads (computers, etc.). Since this vehicle towed the living module for the crew, more batteries were mounted along with the Morningstar inverter in the coach, so they could also have AC/DC power. Those batteries were in parallel to the vehicle batteries so all shared the loads and charging inputs.  This system bounced across the ice cap for a couple of months, getting cold soaked every night and heated up every day.  Never a problem developed, and the crew loved the system. P  hoto Courtesy of Polar Field Services