Application: Telecom
Location: Egypt
Product: TriStar MPPT 60
System size: 4,950W of solar and 1,200 Ah of of battery backup
Partners include: Independent Energy

Morningstar products thrive in extreme desert environments. The TriStar’s superior thermal management capabilities and fanless design made it the first choice for this project in Egypt. Four TriStar MPPT 60 controllers, an RD-1 Relay Driver, a HUB-1 MeterHub and a TS-RM-2 TriStar Remote Digital Meter drive this solar installation which powers remote telecommunications. Three TriStar MPPT 60 help charge while one regulates loads. The RD-1 and HUB-1 signal alarms for aspects such as low voltage. The system has ground-fault monitoring and 1,200 Ah of battery backup.

-Photos courtesy of Independent Energy