“Our amateur radio club has been using Morningstar charge controllers for over a decade in our off-grid amateur radio and public safety radio communication sites.  They have worked flawlessly, despite being in some rather challenging environmental conditions (extreme heat and cold).  I use a ProStar charge controller in my personal vehicle which has been configured for mobile emergency radio communications — the PS-30M generates absolutely no RFI and doesn’t interfere with HF communications — something that can’t be said for many competing products.”

British Columbia, Canada – Myles Bruns – Kamloops Amateur Radio Club – July 2022

“Sincerely, you are among the best 10 corporations in the world because your services are simply excellent. We are proud to associate with you and will work smart to grow with you.”

AFRICA-Nigeria, Peter Okiye, Agbonvbiese Nigeria Ltd., January 2020

“I have purchased several of your small solar system charge controllers I use to support my camping and Amateur Radio hobbies. Morningstar produces the highest quality, no-RFI solar charge controllers I could find.”

USA-Texas, Robert Ballard-January 2020

“…Morningstar is the best. I had to replace my MPPT60 charge controller a few months ago after having an unfortunate incident with my 6 year old Morningstar MPPT60. The new one is working perfectly with the new batteries I also had to replace. Thank you for a great product.”

USA-New Mexico, Darrel Mills – TriStar MPPT-60 application – January 2018

“I am sending you photos of this basic one panel system I installed around 20 years ago here in Chile on a rural electrification project and it still works!” (See photos here.)

Chile, Juan Livingstone -SunSaver 10 application – January 2017

“The products work really fine, 100% without warranty claims so far, the batteries get charged very fast and it is user friendly.” Reasons for selecting the product: “No cooling fans, very good MPPT algorithm, robust design and dissipation, five year warranty and excellent sales attention.”

Colombia-South America, Daniel Humberto Medina Castellanos – 1086 pcs. of ProStar MPPT-40 for residential and rural schools – September 2016

“My SunSaver-10 has been running my 90 watt solar panel non-stop since September 1, 1998. It still works perfectly. That is now more than 17 years! Well past the listed 15 year expected life span noted in the Operator’s Manual.”

USA-Alaska, Peter Caffall-Davis – SunSaver-10 application – September 2015

“So glad to see you guys are still around and that product line is really impressive! This has been such a stellar little controller! It has lasted me through three sets of batteries in an RV application, now used as a free standing portable power / charging unit for ham radio emergency preparedness application.”

USA, Larry Bater – PS-30M application – July 2015

“We love the product and thank you for your response and for all the hard work your team puts in to produce such an awesome range of first class regulators. Particularly like the 600V MPPT units.”

Australia, Northern Territory – Rede Ogden – Ogden Power – April 2015

“I was really thrilled to see Morningstar bring out the 600 VDC charge controllers. The 600 VDC charge controllers have permitted us to reduce time-on-site costs because the sub-arrays are just wired straight into the charge controllers without any further combiner boxes.”

Edmonton, Canada – Gordon Howell, P.Eng. – January 2015

“We have chosen Morningstar products for our off-grid solar photovoltaic solutions deployed at about 2000 sites in the Middle East. Our motivation for choosing Morningstar products was mainly the 4-stage charging with MPPT and the communication capability that we ultimately needed to be able to monitor the systems in real time. The solution with Morningstar products have proved to be a reliable source of power supply even in the harsh desert conditions where the temperature reaches up to 60°C. The high availability of the power supply delivered by our solar systems has gained the recognition and respect for both Agile Europe and Morningstar brands throughout the Middle East region.”

Agile Europe- Large solar project for oil and gas company in the Middle East – December 2014

“Morningstar has a strong track record for producing high quality charge controllers and their TRAKSTAR MPPT technology is superior to other MPPT technologies. We immediately experienced an increase in power from 1600 Watts to 2100 Watts, after replacing an Outback FM-60 with a TriStar MPPT 60 during sunny, mid-day, clear sky conditions using the same array.”

Australia, Leigh Horton, Key Manager System Design with West Coast Solar And Wind – Tried and Tested, November 2014

“We have used Morningstar charged controllers since 1997, and the performance and support for these products has always been excellent.”

Costa Rica, Victor Hugo Munoz of Synthesis Power, November 2014

“Just thought I’d let you know…I got a ProStar 30Amp controller w/meter back in 1997 to run my remote system back in 1997. Based on all that good experience I’ve just gotten back from ordering another ProStar 30A controller AND SureSine inverter. I am very much looking forward to not losing ~6 amp hours a night of “on time”…your low 55ma standby power is a great selling point.”

USA, David A. Steinbruner, End User, June 2014

“I find that Morningstar’s warranty policies and service is among the best in the industry! Four stars in my book. That along with your excellent product line makes Morningstar my best choice nearly every time!”

Canadian Dealer, Nick Houser, May 2013

“I already run several of your Tristar MPPT 60 amp charge controllers and have fitted many to my customers and swear by them.”

Europe, United Kingdom, Ben Livesley, January 2013

“The Morningstar TriStar 45A & 60A Controllers are the best controllers in the world for diversion load applications. Their built-in RS-232 connection ports give me the ability to program in exactly the voltage level required by the hydro turbine installation. … I prefer the Morningstar TriStar MPPT-60 Controller because it uses the open communications’ protocol MODBUS and an EIA-485 port, which allows me to remotely monitor my holiday house installation via the web, using a simple-to-understand Live View viewer.”

Europe, Romania, Florin Fleseriu, EcoVolt, November, 2012