Morningstar/Backwoods Solar Charge Controllers Webinar

This webinar was co-hosted by Morningstar and Backwoods Solar. After a brief solar charge controller overview, viewers were provided with examples of the common characteristics of Morningstar solar charge controllers and how their efficiency and MPPT technology compared to other brands. The presentation concluded with a discussion about Morningstar’s new TriStar MPPT 600V controller with DC Transfer Switch and its application in retrofitting grid-tied systems with battery backup.

Introduction (0:00)
Charge Controller Overview (1:59)
Characteristics of Morningstar Controllers (6:02)
PWM vs MPPT Controllers (11:11)
Efficiency (16:21)
Oversizing PV Arrays (19:48)
Highlights of 5 Morningstar Controllers (25:03)
DC Coupling Grid-tied Battery Backup (31:03)
Q&A (43:10)