New Prostar Gen3 Three Minute Video

Morningstar’s ProStar PWM controller has been upgraded, while maintaining the same price, quality and form factor of previous models that have been installed in over 100 countries in the world’s harshest environments since 1995. View this video to learn about the new features and capabilities of this product including:

• Enhanced custom programming via dip switches, meter, or
• RJ-11 MeterBus port for serial MODBUS data or to add a
remote meter
• Lighting control
• Up to 256 days of data logging
• External RTS sensor terminal on the controller face
• Protective terminal cover
• Improved surge rating for heavy DC loads
• Self-diagnostics
• Low voltage load disconnect
• Settings & firmware updates via meter
• Compliance with IEC 62109
• High resolution graphical display of system settings and