November 2023 Morningstar News

November 8, 2023

GenStar™Software Version 2.0.10 Released! The Ready Shunt Block now supports native SOC calculation for all battery chemistries when coupled with the latest GenStar firmware v2.0.10.  Add a Ready Shunt to your GenStar […]

What Size Solar Charge Controller Do You Need?

September 26, 2023

A solar charge controller, also known as a charge regulator, plays a crucial role in managing the charging and discharging of your battery bank. Its primary function is to prevent […]

ReadyShunt Enables Accurate Battery State of Charge (SOC) Measurements

September 20, 2023

While battery voltage has been used for many years to approximate a battery’s state of charge, we recently produced and launched a ReadyShunt Block Kit that is used with the […]

Adjusting Charge Controller Settings to Battery Manufacturer Recommendations

September 6, 2023

Many consumers and installers indicate that they do not adjust their solar charge controller’s absorption, float, and equalization settings according to the batteries that they are using.  Hence they are […]

See Morningstar Booth 446 at RE+ September 12-14, 2023

Stop by Booth 446 at RE+ in Las Vegas, September 12-14, 2023 to talk to Morningstar engineers about new SureSine off-grid inverters and GenStar MPPT DC Power Solutions, in addition […]

Morningstar to Exhibit at Entelec 2023 in Odessa, Texas

Morningstar is an ENTELEC member and sponsor, and will exhibit its full range of off-grid solar solutions at Booth 11 at the Fall Seminar.  This includes a wide line of […]

Morningstar Announces Availability of Its 2 Most Revolutionary Products

June 13, 2023

Read the altenergy Magazine article about Morningstar’s GenStar MPPTs and SureSines which are now shipping from warehouses.

Morningstar Corporation Announces Availability of Its 2 Most Revolutionary Products In 30 Years

June 9, 2023

New GenStar MPPT and SureSine inverter line enable solar professionals to design and build “all-Morningstar” systems to meet their highest standards; both now shipping Intersolar Europe, Munich, Germany/June 13, 2023 […]

See Morningstar at WISPApalooza October 9-12

See Morningstar at WISPApalooza in Las Vegas from October 9-12. The full line of Morningstar solar charge controllers and inverters will be on display and we will be happy to […]