Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery and Gear

If you are looking for the proper PWM or MPPT charge controller settings for Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) Batteries, we recommend taking the following steps:

  1. Check if your battery brand and model is included in our Energy Storage Partner program.  If it is, you can click on the Custom Settings Guide, or the BMS Closed Loop Setup Guide if you are using a ReadyBMS with your Morningstar controller.
  2. Otherwise, contact your Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Manufacturer and let them know your  battery model number and any other information concerning your off-grid system such as your charge controller, modules, location, and other system design factors, if known, such as days of battery autonomy, maximum depth of discharge, and how you will monitor your system
  3. If your battery brand and model is not included in our Energy Storage Partner program and the battery manufacturer offers insufficient assistance, you can download the Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Custom Settings doc and access recommended charge and load control profiles

Fortunately, Morningstar has partnered with many lithium battery brands over the years to determine optimal controller settings.  Additionally, Morningstar has engineered special features into select controllers to better support lithium battery charging (e.g. low temperature foldback charging, interactive meters that enable quick and easy charge setting adjustments, alert notifications, and remote monitoring capabilities.