10 Amp Solar Charge Controllers

Browse the 10 amp solar charge controllers below to find the one that best meets your needs for your application. These controllers support smaller off-grid systems and their lightweight and small footprint make them perfect for deployment in small spaces, and for systems that have smaller arrays and electrical loads. Morningstar’s 10 amp controllers use PWM charging technology and they should be matched with PV arrays that do not exceed the controller’s current rating. Professional Series controllers are offered globally, while Essential Series controllers are designed for systems in developing countries and they are not offered in the US and Canada.


Charge Rating: 6 | 10 | 20 | amp

Batteries: 12 | 24 | Volt

Max Voc: 30 | 60 V

Professional Series , PWM |


Charge Rating: 10 | 20 | amp

Batteries: 12 | 24 | Volt

Max Voc: 30 | 60 V

Professional Series , PWM |


Charge Rating: 6 | 10 | amp

Batteries: 12 | Volt

Max Voc: 12 V

Essential Series , PWM |

10 Amp PWM Solar Charge Controllers

MorningStar’s line of 10-Amp solar charge controllers are top-of-the-line and provide excellent functionality for smaller applications.

Providing reliable and efficient performance to over 1.5 million customers in 90 countries, the MorningStar SunSaver 10-amp charge controllers are a dependable and trusted choice for oilfield and mining applications.

The SunLight™ 10-amp solar charge controller is the world’s leading solar lighting controller for a variety of applications, including street and pathway lighting, parking areas, bus stations, signage, and much more. This innovative product offers superior performance, reliability, and user friendliness, making it the perfect choice for any solar lighting project.

The SHS™ Controller is an ideal choice for rural electrification systems, boasting features and benefits that meet World Bank specifications.

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