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6 Amp Solar Charge Controllers


Charge Rating: 6 | 10 | 20 | amp

Batteries: 12 | 24 | Volt

Max Voc: 30 | 60 V

Professional Series , PWM |


Charge Rating: 6 | 12 | amp

Batteries: 12 | Volt

Max Voc: 30 V

Professional Series , PWM |


Charge Rating: 6 | 10 | amp

Batteries: 12 | Volt

Max Voc: 12 V

Essential Series , PWM |

Meet Morningstar’s 6 Amp Solar Charge Controllers

Our 6-amp solar charge controllers are of the highest quality and offer exceptional usability in small applications.

Our 6-amp SunKeeper controller provides an economical, regulated output directly from the solar module, maximizing battery life.

The SunSaver 6-amp solar charge controller has been providing reliable and efficient performance in oilfield and mining applications to more than 1.5 million customers across 90 countries, making it a trusted and dependable choice for many.

Proven in mission-critical applications where failure is not an option, the SHS 6-Amp controller meets World Bank specifications and offers a multitude of features and benefits.

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  • Battery Voltage

  • Charge Rating